Sunday, December 26, 2010


Waiting to get my Xbox working again so I can play some Black Ops.

Right now I think I've racked up at least 40 hours in multiplayer games, priority on TDM and DOM, although sometimes I'll go to Demo for some fun with explosives. Right now I'm only first Prestige level 38, just bought the AK47 with a suppressor and red dot sight.

Mostly with the classes I'll use suppressed weapons, Hardline Pro and Hacker Pro. Usually I'll run a random second perk as Sleight of Hand Pro doesn't help me that much...

The gun I've used the most is probably the Famas, but lately I've been racking up kills with the AUG. Secondary is always a Python with speed reloader.. Quick wip out and a high damage is equal to ultimate ownage in the face.

Quick tip for Domination on Summit.

You'll want to cap both C and B, set a motion sensor on the computers either right on B or to the side. Use the upper corridor above B and C to funnel enemies from A. This hallway is a huge choke point, use it wisely.

If a teammate caps A, the spawns will either move to B or C, from this, you might want to grab cover near the fuel tank that is above flag C. Make sure to blow up the tank prior to taking cover. This will help you stop any enemies from capping C, and a quick grenade down to  the computers at B will stop from losing the flag.

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